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Школа Эволюционной Астрологии

Леона Колтона

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Evolutionary Astrology (EA)

is a symbolic language and a science of evolutionary lessons, celestial cycles & timing for the immutable evolving consciousness we call Soul.

It is an esoteric & metaphysical astrology, as EA based in Natural Laws, principles of evolution, and states of consciousness.

It is a karmic astrology, in the sense it’s tracing the past of the Soul, including karmic necessity, retribution and fruition.

And it is an astrology of psyche, as we explore the desires of the Soul - the past and current, as well as evolutionary intentions for the future.
And it reveals the WHYs, in a fundamental and a heartfelt way.

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Natal Chart Reading
This reading will provide you with deep excursion into the inner landscape of your Soul desires and pour light on Evolutionary Intention of this lifetime. We'll explore the next steps of Soul's Evolutionary Journey, life lessons, burning questions of Relationships (romantic, family & relatives, colleagues & business partnerships), Vocational Path considerations, areas of life under transformation and more. 


Transits & Progressions
These prognostic methods are so powerful eye-openers into the current life circumstance, the aha-moments re: crises & hurdles of the past, and insightful forecasts what to expect next. These are not predictions of the future, however it will deeply resonate with your intuition.

Solar Return Reading
Give yourself a personal birthday present, and find out what is the Game plan of the Soul for this year of your life. This reading will reveal which fundamental issues and experiences you are going to deal with this year to help foster the karmic and evolutionary themes symbolized in your natal chart.

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